Eau Claire claire pendants and jewel & orb whole rose pendants

Harvesting forget me nots


Freshly cast forget me nots

Eau Claire classic cedar pendant

Eau Claire display at the Hamilton Flea

Eau Claire whole rose jewel and orb pendants

Eau Claire studio sunshine

Eau Claire glass cup and metal rings

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EAU CLAIRE is the name of many small towns all over North America-  there is one in Northern Ontario, another in Alberta, and another in Wisconsin. 

The body of work called Eau Claire has gone through many manifestations.  It started as a collaborative embroidery and bookmaking project with fellow craft artist Amy Egerdeen, transitioned into a solo embroidered suede jewelry line, and has finally settled into a line of resin jewelry casting fresh flowers and gems.  Eau Claire started out being inspired by small towns, the gardens of grandma's, and the smells found in an old cabin.  These inspiration points led into a decision of mine to move from Toronto back to the town that I grew up in, to care for my grandma's house & her amazing but neglected garden.  It's here that I started creating resin pieces using flowers I had cared for and grown myself.


here are a select number of pieces for sale in my SHOP, many pieces available in my lovely retailers shops, and also please feel free to contact me if you have an idea for a particular treasure, I love doing custom resin pieces, and welcome your own personal inclusions. 

Eau Claire choker, pendants and glass cup ring

Eau Claire paperweights, jewel and orb large pendants and classic pendants

Eau Claire jewel paperweights

Eau Claire collar clip, earrings & pendants