Eau Claire paperweights photographed by Yuli Scheidt

Dried flower palette ready to pour some resin with

All yellow flower cube

Custom hexagon paperweight made with a brides fresh bouquet

Ashtray made with mimosa, forget me nots, asters and gold leaf

pendants, rings, keychains & small dome paperweights

cups and dishes and roach clips

Ashtray, roach clips, cups & dishes, rings and a cube

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EAU CLAIRE is the name of many small towns all over North America-  there is one in Northern Ontario, another in Alberta, and another in Wisconsin. 

This body of work named Eau Claire has gone through many phases.  It started as a collaborative embroidery and bookmaking project with fellow craft artist Amy Egerdeen, transitioned into a solo embroidered suede jewelry line, and has finally settled into its final phase of Eau Claire Resin- a line of jewelry, paperweights and smoking accessories casting real flowers in resin.   

Featured here are a selection of Eau Claire works from the past year. I periodically update the offerings in my SHOP & promote all these updates on the Eau Claire Instagram account. If you see an object you’d like to commission please contact me!

Below is my price list

—there is a $15+ fee for customization depending on the supplies needed—

//small pendants $25 // metal rings $25 // glass cup rings $28 // orb & jewel keychains and pendants $35//

//small cup or dish $30 // roach clips $35//

//small ashtray $50// medium (classic size) ashtray $100// XL ashtray $200//

//small dome paperweight $40 // large dome paperweight $85 // cube paperweight $125//

Tansy and cedar ashtray

metal & glass cup rings and pendants


dried flower palette


prism, hexagon, dome & cube paperweights with ashtrays